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What artists said about us

Ms.Rudite Varna , ZEPERI (LATVIA)

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of IEFF-2019. We all enjoyed the whole week in India. We always keep these memories with us. We have gone to many festivals but IEFF is always special and memorable for all of us. Thanks to your team, who cared so much. We liked your country - colours, contrasts, colorite people, beautiful nature, the sacred river Ganga. We had a great adventure with the tours we visited. Thank you all again from all of our Team members.


Our group enjoyed the festival to the fullest. Though we don't understand the language of Indians we are very happy by uderstanding the generosity and the hospitality that have shown to us. We love IEFF. We remember INDIA because of IEFF only. We played with the director of the festival with out any translator, we have given our godly precious FAN to her as our blessings and love to her.


We are greatful for the opportunity to your prestigious festival. The time we have spent on your festival was an amazing experience for our group- Colorful concerts, beautiful stage and great audience. We love the food at your festival, the starters are too good and mouth watering. We tasted different foods. We visited the world famous TAJMAHAL. The opportunity to learn about the culture of India is so good. The workshops and the photo sessions which was given at IEFF-2019 was incredible. We met with amazing people, we tasted delicious food and we really enjoyed the beauty of India. We will come back to IEFF very soon.


Dear director, Thank you for accepting our team within short duration at the last moment of time. We love the guidance of the IEFF team. We met with other groups which are stunning. We like the open stages at Dilli Haat which are very colorful. We love the workshops and we learnt other countires dance forms abit which are too intersting. The festival provided us the platform to meet with other inspiring dance groups for which we are always thankful to them.

Mrs.Anu Arora (AUDIENCE)

This festival is unique as I can have a glimpse of all cultures of the world on one stage. My children can learn about the dying performing arts. We can relate to many cultures as they are all inter-related to each other.

Ms.Anila Sinha Sharma (AUDIENCE)

Such a culture festival has never happened in the city. The festival has been organised at a time when we are not able to appreciate folk culture. This will make people aware about different art forms.

Ms.Brenda L. Carrillo Castro , GROUP OLINYOLOTL (MEXICO)

It has been an honor being one of the dance companies selected to participate in the International Ethnic Folklore Festival 2018 edition. The organization was welcoming, kind, and efficient. Getting to know the wonders of India, its culture, their cheerful and generous people were a delight. I hope we have the opportunity of participating in future festival editions. Especial thanks to the Director of the festival Ms.Vagdevi Karumuri that made the experience unforgettable. I will treasure these memories forever.

Mrs.Zita Rimkuviene , Group: MIESTELENAI (LITHUANAI)

Dear organisers of the festival, Thank you for this opportunity to get together and celebrate IEFF-2018, is a language, a Tourism, and a celebration of dance and music which brings together different nations, sounds and colours. The festival directors stood eager for every request of our group. We had a great time with the team of IEFF hospitality is wonderful, tourism spots are awesome.

Ms.Elena Timofeeva , Group MALACHITE (RUSSIA)

Thank you very much for your care and help which was provided from your organization and warm welcome. We already miss India. I embrace you and the IEFF team with all my heart. I got the sari from Ms.Vagdevi Karumuri- Festival Director who is very warm and welcoming, Sari is very beautiful. It is a great pleasure to be a participant at IEFF-2018.

Mr.Aleksander Sobera , GROUP KALINA (POLAND)

We love India and its culture. We are very happy for the opportunity to be part of IEFF-2018. We wish we should get more time for the monuments, but we understand that you have provided the maximum time which you can, we thank you for that. The Dilli Haat venue is too good, we love the ambience over there. We love the audience at Dilli haat who are very cheerful for our Dil se Song.We believe that we suprized you with the Dil se song. I like the Indian dress which is out of the world everybody praised me when I wore that dress at a party in Poland. Dear Director thank you so much for everything.


We really thank you for the opportunity given to our group at IEFF-2018 from the bottom of our hearts. It is a good cultural exchange with other countries, we got great experiences in India. The groups of IEFF-2018 are spectacular. The loadging and boardging provided by the festival is awesome, they are above our expectations. We would like to come back again soon.


Our group is blessed to learn about Indian culture abit, it is excellent. We like the Indian food and the chicken served by the festival. The festival team is so generous to us and we enjoyed other groups performances and they are really great. It is our dream to see TAJMAHAL which was ful filled by the festival committee, our trip to INDIA is a great adventure for us to remember forever.

Mr.P.C.Joshi Dy.General Manager (Central Bank of India)

It has been a privilege to be a part of IEFF since its inception in 2015. We have observed that in past 3 years, the festival has gained a lot of momentum and grown tremendously every year with participation also increasing manifolds. This year too the program was well attended by people from all walks of life Including dignitaries from various esteemed organizations and other elite class.

We appreciate your efforts in bringing together various Intl artists from all around the world at one place in order to not only promote the elapsing folklore music and dance but also unite the cultural diversity. We hope that you will keep organizing such festivals in the ensuing years to come so that cultural integration between the various countries is strengthened and the message of peace is promoted throughout the world.

Ms.Tonatzin Osorio H. (MEXICO)

I am grateful for the opportunity. I consider that the presentation time was very short 10 minutes each for 3 days. Scenarios very well, coordination well too. Regarding the public, great response, however, One thing we recognize is the incredible logistics and symmetry in the coordination of the whole team. Tours are well planned, We really liked the variety of themes and places, also the coordination with other groups and the good coexistence that we were allowed.

We are extremely grateful to be able to know in addition to know tourist places inside the streets. Personally I know there is no better way to get to know India than through people like you who every moment struggled so that we could have a pleasant stay. I would also like to thank you for the great attention you have given to the different needs of each member of the group. I apologize for the inconvenience and setbacks caused by my group.

IEFF gave us exposure to the world folklore. Meeting the artists and musicians was a delight and the workshops helped us to create brotherhood. Visiting the Taj Mahal was an ultimate dream along with the monuments of India with rich history. The team took our care with all the efforts. The planning for the visits was up to the mark and efforts put in to give us a pleasant stay was commendable.

Ms.Conny Medina Rodriguez ( FRENCH POLYNESIA)

I am glad we participated in the International Ethnic Folklore Festival 2017, because it was too enriching sharing stage with other talented international groups in a different country. Ruahine Polynesian dance thanks India and the organisation of IEFF 2017 to have let us live this experience and show our love to dance to Indian people and the whole world. Thank you again.

Ms.Patrycja Licha (POLAND)

We were very happy with the IEFF-20017. We also appreciate that we can visit such beautiful country as India. Thank you very much for the care and heart that the organizers showed us. Without them we would not have such good memories. We only had a small technical problem with live concerts. The dance conditions were very good. Thank you very much for the opportunity. It was a great adventure. We will recommend your festival to other bands from Poland.

Ms.Sujey Gpe. Perez Montes (MEXICO)

Hello! first of all I feel very grateful for the attention they had for us and for having met people as beautiful as you are Ms.Director ! thank you very much... And for what corresponds to the festival it seemed an incredible experience to be able to live and meet people from different countries, know their culture, their folklore and know that we have dance in common, makes the festival an unforgettable experience.

The attention from the organizers seemed very good, I liked the festival I loved the representative dances of the host countries, I fell in love with their costumes and the way they perform their dances. I loved the tours, no words to describe, and as regards the archaeological places, their temples and in general their country I found very interesting and I liked a lot; I hope to participate in your festival again it would be very pleasant for me."

Mrs.Arvie Sinsuat (PHILIPPINES)

The International Folklore Ethnic Festival was one of a kind experience for us because of the following reasons. First, we were very much blessed to be the representative of the Philippines to India. We are very much thankful because out of many dance troupe we have in the country we were chosen. Second, the festival was an eye opener to all of us. We had the chance to mingle to other nationalities and shared our diverse culture though music and dances.

The director of the Festival Ms.Vagdevi is so down to earth and she personally took care of us like my daughter. As what the festival is trying to convey, We dance to international understanding. From the bottom of the heart of our dancers. We thank you for the experiences you have shared to us. It will be treasured worth love for the rest of our lives.

We are extremely lucky to have such an exciting event in India .There is just so much diversity rolled into one event. There was so much amazing music art and culture. A wonderful diversity of artists, and great stage management made for such a good time. I’ve been to many folk festivals, but this is the first one I’ve enjoyed that had this rich, amazing breadth of talent from other international artists.

Mrs.Ines Jellouli (TUNISIA)

The experience was amazing. I had a great time performing in the festival and also meeting the artists from other countries. Speaking of the tours the team took good care of our needs. Watching the Taj Mahal was a dream come true and the aura of the monuments gave us a real glimpse of India. We would like to see you again, but first in our country Tunisia. It would be an honour to visit India again and also perform in the IEFF.

Ms.Priyadarshani (Audience)

Being in a corporate life, IEFF type of events work as a stress reliever for me. The IEFF is a stage with ultimate talent of different nations.

Ms.Ethna Castillo (MEXICO)

Though it was the second editon of IEFF, the way the organizers executed the entire IEFF-2016 is a miracle. Stage was brilliant, under the moon light performing on that huge stage is a dream come true for our group. Workshops were arranged which are so thrilling to learn more deeply about other countries culture and people.

Nonetheless we would like to thank all the team of IEFF-2016 for their warm hospitality and rendering endless support, for being so patient and accommodating to our requests. We owe a lot to them and they have definitely enhance our whole experience beautifully which was indeed priceless

Ms.Jocelyn Magos Martínez (FRENCH POLYNESIA)

Dear Festival Director, I hope our paths meet again. I hold you in my heart. The hospitality and the warm you have shown us is incredible. We love to travel to INDIA again because of IEFF. Wish this year all your dreams come true. Love from all of us. God bless you.

Mr Fathurrahman Said (SINGAPORE)

Thank you IEFF team for having us to be part of this prestigious festival and your generous hospitality throughout our entire stay in India.The festival served as a platform for us to meet other inspiring dancers from different parts of the world, as well as to exchange dance genres and cultures - which made it a richer experience.

It was also a soulful opportunity to establish friendships with extremely talented created folklore groups by knowing each other, dancing together and supportive amusement which means celebrating mankind brotherhood through culture in the heart of India’s Capital New Delhi; purely for the appreciation and passion for dance."

Mr.Kafasis Konstantinos (GREECE)

We would like to express our thanks for the excellent organization of the festival, for the warm hospitality and for your patience to us for any excessive demand. The behavior of both the organizing committee and volunteers was excellent, which shows the culture of Indians and education that distinguishes them. From our part we think that we would serve the Greek culture to the fullest way always depending on the temperament of each dance."

"Dance unites, brings more people together and nurtures the spirit." To you personally we would like to wish health, happiness and family - career success.

Ms.Adalberto Avendaño Valencia (COLOMBIA)

Our dream to visit INDIA is one of our most incredible memory of our lives. We are very thankful to the IEFF festival directors for their patience and they optimistic natures. We are so thrilled by the stages of IEFF. We really enjoyed every bit of our time in INDIA. We love the food which is especially the spicy. The tour to AGRA is never ending experience to us. Thank you for listening to us and providing extra time for our group to perform. I wish you for more co-operation and more and more good luck to the team of IEFF.